Section 6.12 Problems (Snakes and ladders)

John Whitmore johnfwhitmore at
Mon Nov 19 06:26:54 PST 2007

Sorry it's me again. I haven't gotten too much further I'm afraid.
This LFS is a bit like Snakes and ladders, I've landed on a square
with a snake in it and I've got to go back but I've no idea how far.

I'm stuck with problems with include files not been found in the make
of gcc-4.1.2 in Section 6.12 of Version 6.3 of the book. I've had a
look at the web and found a few references to this problem. There seem
to be a few suggestions as to the resolution but I plumbed for going
back and installing the Linux headers (Section 6.7) Problem is that
when I remade these they didn't seem to do too much, I assume that's
because make looks at things and says that it's all up to date.

Is the answer to my problem to remove all the directories created in
Section 6 in the chroot environment and restart the whole section?

Another question is that when I get to the gcc section again I've
already tampered with it. Actually I've already tampered via sed with
the Linux directory so should I untar these directories or where these
directories made via Section 5? I know the actual first version of gcc
and all the rest where created in section 5 but did it make changes to
the source directories which mean that you can't simply re-untar the
source directories and execute the Section 6 instructions?

Advise and your time greatly appreciated


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