lfs book Chapter 5.14

martin welsh martin at mhwelsh.force9.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 07:47:17 PST 2007

martin welsh wrote:

> > The resonse to the 'make' instruction is;
> > 
> > "lfs at linux:/lfs/sources/bash-3.2$ make
> > yacc -d ./parse.y
> > make: yacc: Command not found
> > make: *** [y.tab.c] Error 127
> > lfs at linux:/lfs/sources/bash-3.2$  "
> >

This one comes up fairly often, but I just checked the FAQ and 
surprisingly it wasn't mentioned (or I missed it).

IIRC, you need Bison and probably the associated development package too 
- depending on your host. Have you checked your host meets the necessary 
requirements? here: 



Apologies for the delay.

Rounding up the bison and putting them in the machine cured it.
I do not know how I missed its absence but I have changed computers as the first time I found the computer too slow.

Thank you for your prompt help.


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