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Rajeev Bansal rajeevb at
Thu Nov 15 06:03:13 PST 2007

Hi JB,

Thanks for helping me.

Actually I have all the drivers compiled for that kernel as modules, I 
just want those to load those for me at boot time.

Yeah I am working on the "lspci" command output and looking for vendor 
ID and device ID in the /lib/module/'uname -r'/modules.pcimap file. But 
I am wondering there is no ready to use tool which can do this for me. I 
guess it must be a simple shell script file which can perform this task.

Rajeev Bansal.

Juergen Beisert wrote:
> Rajeev,
> On Thursday 15 November 2007 11:31, Rajeev Bansal wrote:
>> Actually I am trying to build a customary Linux distribution with 2.6.20
>> Kernel, I am using the Busybox 1.7.0 in my root file system. So far
>> everything is fine I am able to boot the Kernel getting the shell
>> prompt. But I am not able to identify the connected hardware devices to
>> my system like Ethernet card etc.
> PCI devices? Add the "lspci" command to your system. Or walk through 
> the /sys/bus/pci directories manually to get vendor and device ids and check 
> them against Then rebuild your kernel with 
> these drivers enabled.
>> So my question is, is there any way to 
>> figure out the common devices and load it driver by itself at the bootup
>> time.
> If you want to know something about your system, use the sys/. Its not easy to 
> do so manually, but there are many tools around that could help you. Most of 
> them based on the sys/ content.
>> Someone suggested me to use the diethotplog but I don't know how to use
>> that. I have downloaded the diethotplug 0.4 and compiled that
>> successfully for my Kernel but how can I run the hotplug binary. Does
>> diethotplug reads some configuration file?
> IMHO, hotplug will not help. What kind of drivers it should load if you didn't 
> compile them?
> JB

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