Device Driver

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at
Thu Nov 15 03:50:16 PST 2007

Le jeudi 15 novembre à 11:31, Rajeev Bansal a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I am not sure that this is a right forum to ask such question but 
> someone suggested me so I am asking my problem here.
> Actually I am trying to build a customary Linux distribution with 2.6.20 
> Kernel, I am using the Busybox 1.7.0 in my root file system. So far 
> everything is fine I am able to boot the Kernel getting the shell 
> prompt. But I am not able to identify the connected hardware devices to 
> my system like Ethernet card etc. So my question is, is there any way to 
> figure out the common devices and load it driver by itself at the bootup 
> time.
> Someone suggested me to use the diethotplog but I don't know how to use 
> that. I have downloaded the diethotplug 0.4 and compiled that 
> successfully for my Kernel but how can I run the hotplug binary. Does 
> diethotplug reads some configuration file?
> I am not seeking the help on diethotplug, I am looking for a solution to 
> my primary problem, so to make it work I can use anything.
> Thanks
> Rajeev Bansal.

Maybe could you have a look at the LFS book about installing and using
udev :

see chapter 7.


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