Got so far :-(

John Whitmore johnfwhitmore at
Thu Nov 15 01:04:32 PST 2007

Hello again :-)

Thanks to Walter's advice that everything seemed to be fine I
proceeded with my install of Glibc from my chroot environment. I'm on
page 85 of Linux From Scratch Version 6.5. I'm running all this from
the LFS Live CD Version 6.3, in case that counts.

The reason I posted here is that my Install failed so I thought that I
must have had errors with configure and make but apparently nothing
too serious is in there. My Install does produce errors and it gives a
few suggestions about what is wrong but to be honest I've followed the
instructions in the book to the letter. I've not created any links to
libm. Anyhow the error message is here and let me know if anything
stands out. Thanks a million for any help

CC="gcc" /usr/bin/perl scripts/ /source/glibc/glibc-build/
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-W1,"
Execution of gcc failed!
The script has found some problems with your installation!
Please read the FAQ and the README file and check the following:
- Did you change the gcc specs file (necessary after upgrading from
  Linux libc5)?
- Are there any symbolic links of the form to old libraries?
  Links like -> (where is an old library) are wrong, should point to the newly installed glibc file - and there should be
  only one such link (check e.g. /lib and /usr/lib)
You should restart this script from your build directory after you've
fixed all problems!
Btw. the script doesn't work if you're installing GNU libc not as your
primary library!
make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/source/glibc/glibc-2.5.1'
make: *** [install] Error 2

On Nov 15, 2007 12:24 AM, Walter Barnes <walter_barnes05 at> wrote:
> From: John Whitmore <johnfwhitmore at>
> >checking for autoconf... no
> >configure: WARNING:
> >*** These auxiliary programs are missing or incompatible versions: autoconf
> >*** some features will be disabled.
> >*** Check the INSTALL file for required versions.
> autoconf is used by the developers to generate the configure script itself. You can ignore this warning.
> >I don't have any errors produced in the "make" but I do have a few
> >errors in the "make -k check":
> >
> >make[2]: [/source/glibc/glibc-build/posix/annexc.out] Error 1 (ignored)
> >
> >Didn't expect signal from child: got `Aborted'
> >make[2]: *** [/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/tst-cancel1.out] Error 1
> >
> >make[2]: Target `tests' not remade because of errors.
> >rm /source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-lowlevelcond.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-pthread-pi-defines.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-unwindbuf.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-lowlevelrwlock.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-lowlevelbarrier.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-pthread-errnos.c
> >/source/glibc/glibc-build/nptl/test-as-const-lowlevelrobustlock.c
> >make[2]: Leaving directory `/source/glibc/glibc-2.5.1/nptl'
> >make[1]: *** [nptl/tests] Error 2
> The annexc test is expected to fail and can be ignored. As for the others.... are you using a Debian based host by any chance? nptl tests are known to fail on Debian based systems so if you are you can ignore these too.
> Does running "make install" generate any errors? If not and there are no other issues than everything looks fine and you can continue.
> Good luck! :-)
> Walter
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