Got so far :-(

John Whitmore johnfwhitmore at
Tue Nov 13 07:04:47 PST 2007

Hello All,
    I've been struggling with a technologically challenged laptop
there for the last week or so with installing LFS.

Hard Drive 4871 MB
Celeron 333 processor
System Memory 128MB

As you can imagine it's not fast but it has been going well enough
until I got to page 85 of Linux From Scratch version 6.3 it's been
educational getting this far but a bit of a disappointment, as I was
looking forward to getting Linux going from Scratch. thought it was a
good way to go as well as the machine I'm using might not be to able
for the big distros of the world.

Basically in the chroot system I failed to build and install glibc.
Show stopper! I've had a look at the output but it doesn't mean a
great deal to me and there's little I could do to fix it. Perhaps it
would be worth trying again from the start but that'll take me five
days ;-) don't know if I can face it again.

Still up till page 85 I'd learned a whole lot and thanks for that


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