An error with not-compatible features between mawk and gawk

Earth Engine earthengine at
Mon Nov 12 04:53:12 PST 2007

I am using UBUNTU 7.04 to build CLFS 1.0.

while I am in chapter 5.8 Glibc-2.4 32 bit I have some trouble while
mawk is processing the file scripts/gen-sorted.awk. I can work around
this by using these commands:

cp -v scripts/gen-sorted.awk{,.orig}
sed -e "s@\[\^\/\]@\[^\\\/\]@g" scripts/gen-sorted.awk.orig >

and these command changes 3 lines (reported by diff) in the file.

But it works well in LFS 64-bit LiveCD (with gawk).

I guess the problem is that mawk do not regnize the [^/] is valid
regular expression and you have to use the format of [^\/] to escape
the '/' char. However, I still meet another problem in chapter 5.10
GCC-4.1.1 - Cross Compiler Final and get an error of ctri.o not found
(I checked /tools/lib and /tools/lib64, it exists).

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