Problem with $(gcc -dumpmachine)

John Whitmore johnfwhitmore at
Fri Nov 9 04:56:41 PST 2007

Hello all,
   hate asking questions but this is both a question and perhaps a
problem with the Linux From Scratch Book. I started working through
this book with a very old laptop but I'm learning and if should work
even on an old laptop, I assume.

Anyhow I've gotten as far as page 46, section 5.7 Adjusting the
Toolchain on Linux From Scratch - Version 6.3

Now at this point I'm moving things about. I got here before but at
the end of the section when compiling the dummy.c file my linker was
still pointing at /usr/lib on the LFS Live Disk. So I went back to the
start again. This time I'm checking over what I'm doing more

I've got to the line:

mv -v /tools/$(gcc -dumpmachine)/bin{ld,ld-old}

before I executed this line I tried to check the $(gcc -dumpmachine)
and it's not correct!

In my /tools directory I've got two candidates:


However my $(gcc -dumpmachine) gives me


I'm not sure if this is a stupid question but perhaps the book needs
amending for the case where i486's are being used. I'm not sure what
to do next but I'll have a look into things again

Thanks in advance for any help

John Whitmore

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