Problems compiling gcc

Chris Staub chris at
Fri Jun 29 10:26:41 PDT 2007

Robert Jakob wrote:
> Chris Staub schrieb:
>> Robert Jakob wrote:
>>> //
>> No, do not create any symlinks. The most likely cause of this problem is 
>> that you either forgot to remove the gcc source and build dirs after 
>> compiling pass 2, or you applied the specs patch.
> I created a directory called gcc-build-3. Is this enough or should I 
> really unpack gcc.tar again?

As stated in the book, you must remove ALL source and build directories 
after installation. You cannot reuse any of them. So yes, you have to 
remove the gcc source dir and unpack it again (and I hope you also 
removed all other package source dirs as well).

BTW, creating multiple build directories instead of simply removing them 
after installing will technically work, as long as you make absolutely 
sure you're using the right one. However, it is more prone to error so 
it is not a good idea.

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