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alupu at verizon.net alupu at verizon.net
Wed Jun 27 18:51:03 PDT 2007

Hello Everybody,

686-pc-linux-gnu (B)LFS,,

1. In "Device and Module Handling on an LFS system":
  there are two mentions about the bus driver exporting
  aliases to somewhere in the '/sys/bus' branch.
  Once, indirectly, in " Module Loading" and
  once literally, in " ... not loaded ...",
  "try locating the device directory under /sys/bus and
  check  whether there is a modalias file there."

  On my system, there's plenty of 'modalias' files all
  over the place ('/sys/class', '/sys/devices')
  but not in '/sys/bus'.
  The document looks up-to-date (for example, the word
  "" can be seen in a couple of places).
  What gives?  Something wrong with my system?

2. In 'udev_retry':
  'for file in /dev/.udev/tmp-rules--* ...'

  On my system '/dev/.udev/' contains subdirectories
  'db', 'failed' and 'names', with occasional sightings
  of subdirectory 'queue' (during boot).
  What gives?
  Could my 'failed' be the elusive 'tmp-rules--*'?
  I didn't spot any rules there.

3. In 'udev' I noticed that appending '--timeout=3'
  to 'udevsettle' speeds up the boot considerably
  while not missing any devices in doing that.
  Obviously, the mileage may vary from "3" on
  another machine.
  On rare occasions, I count on 'udev_retry' to spring
  into action and round up any reluctant device that
  somehow managed to escape the first catch attempt.
  Is there anything wrong with my approach?

Any help/clarifications are highly appreciated,
-- Alex

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