Building full system in chroot?

Darren Wilkinson lfs at
Wed Jun 27 10:16:02 PDT 2007

Tijnema wrote:
> On 6/25/07, Hoiho <hoiho_nz at> wrote:
>> On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 04:17, Tijnema wrote:
>>> On 6/25/07, at < at> wrote:
>>>>> I'm planning on rebuilding my complete {,B}LFS, but I can't live
>>>>> without it for a long time. So my question is, can I build the
>>>>> complete {,B}LFS system in a chroot environment? That means building
>>>>> X, KDE, Apache, PHP and all of their dependencies, like GTK, QT...
>>> Yes, well, that takes too long for me to get my stuff back up and
>>> running... Like I said in my first mail, I can't live too long without
>>> it.
>>> Tijnema
>> Have you considered a VMWare virtual machine as an alternative to the chroot
>> environment?  Seems to address all your concerns.
>> Tony
> Hmm, that would build against virtual hardware right? I don't think
> I'll be able to boot the system from the system build in VMWare...
> Tijnema
As long as you don't put any extra optimization flags in you should have 
no problems. I've just built my 1st lfs on a virtual machine (qemu) and 
it is now running on my main pc just fine. Also some pc emulators 
support savestates so you can stop partway through a "make" and resume 
at the same point later.

Also if you do want to do some optimizing you could always rebuild just 
the cpu hungry stuff like kde etc later on the main system.

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