Glibc make check errors

M Sandell mikes at
Tue Jun 19 06:30:45 PDT 2007


I'm building LFS 6.2 on an AMD-K6 (500MHz, 56MB ram) using the LiveCD as 
host.  Just wanted to ask the group's opinion on some make check errors 
from Section 6.9, Glibc.  (Haven't found anything useful in 

Given the old hardware, the math failures (float, ifloat, ildoubl, ldoubl) 
are expected(?), and of course the annexc failure.

However, I have an nptl/ failure different to the ones mentioned in the 
book (mutex5).  I also have two posix/ failures other than annexc (chmod 
and nanosleep), and I also have two failures (timer4 and timer5) from rt/.

Given the hardware, are these failures acceptable and I'm ok to proceed? 
If not, any tips about resolving these issues?


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