Text stops before end of screen

Bauke Jan Douma bjdouma at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 16 13:42:23 PDT 2007

Colin Kemp wrote on 14-06-07 01:17:

> it doesnt do it when i use X from the CD 6.2, just the text-console.  
> also, the 6.1.1 cd doesnt do it, but i have to change the video  
> driver in xorg.conf from i810 to nv for X to work, so i think its the  
> driver. But im not sure how to change the driver that the cd 6.2  
> detects... i think like the card just powers off or something, b/c  
> the system is totally responsive other than a blank screen.

Does setterm -reset -blank 0 >`tty` help?


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