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Tijnema tijnema at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 00:42:55 PDT 2007

On 6/12/07, Wit <WitlessIdiot at triad.rr.com> wrote:
> Tijnema wrote:
> > <snip>
<snipped kernel configs>
> >>
> >> Also,  the 5.0 has an inserted module, asus_acpi. I don't think every
> >> system needs a special driver though, whether module or compiled in. But
> >> you may need to check extended explanations in kernel config and see if
> >> you might need the IBM/ASUS/TOSHIBA driver enabled?
> >>
> >
> > I have an Biostart M7VKD mobo, with 2 VIA chipsets on it, so I guess I
> > don't need anything built in/ module.
> >
> Well, the second system is a VIA 8237-based system and is the one with
> the asus module enabled and inserted at boot time.

Ok, I've all three drivers built in now, but my thermal_zone is still
empty, and I'm 100% sure my motherboard supports ACPI.
> <snip>
> > Ok, just to make sure the CPU cooling was good enough, I placed 3 fans
> > on it, all 3 in right direction, so that it got ultra cooled :)
> > Still, it didn't pass the GCC testsuite, as it stopped after maybe
> > 30-60 seconds.
> >
> Is this still underclocked or at rated speed now? If underclocked, it
> certainly *should* indicate that it is something other than CPU heat.
> But to be sure, I would get the lmsensors that the other poster
> suggested too. That would at least confirm that the CPU is cool.
> Pointing 3 fans would not help if the problem was a really dirty heat
> sink, poor thermal transfer from the core to the heat sink, etc.
> One thing we haven't considered in depth: maybe the CPU is bad? If you
> have another system you can pop it into and see if behaves the same,
> that might remove doubts either way.

It's still underclocked, don't think it will ever boot with normal
speed again, mostly because the CPU is probably already damaged, but
it seems so unlikely that the CPU fails when some specific things are

Bad luck with lmsensors, I can't get it installed yet, there's no
configure program... and now it seems that some things can't be found
etc.. Don't have really much time to install.

> I also become increasingly concerned with the mention of the capacitors
> and repair you did (IIRC?). Both would seem a "most likely" culprit,
> based on all the other things discussed. Putting the CPU in another mobo
> and running similar tests should confirm if it is related to CPU or
> something else in the system.

Just took my soldering iron and replaced the capacitor with replacer.
I can't test the CPU in another mobo, or test another CPU in the
current mobo as I don't have another PC with Socket A...
But, you hit a good point here, I touched my replaced capacitor while
the system just rebooted, and it was way too hot... I guess it was
around 60-70 degrees celcius. The original capacitor was a 10V 2200uF,
I replaced it with a 16V 2200uF capacitor, nothing wrong with right?

> >> <snip>
> > Tomorrow I will try the system with a  Asus 350W PSU, which now runs
> > an AMD X2 4400+ with 2 HDDs and a GeForce 7600GT..., should be enough
> > for my old system :)
> >
> Results?
> --
> Wit

No luck either...


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