Trip package manager at at
Mon Jun 11 08:35:57 PDT 2007

> One thing I need is a package manager. I found the hint 
> package_management_using_trip.txt and would like to try it out but 

If you're willing to consider an alternative...

Different package managers appeal to different sysadmins.  I found one called "git", (the Guarded Installation Tool by Ingo Bruekl, not Linus' "git") works very well for me.  The thing I especially like about it is, it helps me but doesn't fight with me and put me in a "Procrustean Bed".  I can make minor adjustments to an installed package and fix it up in git without having to redo everything.  No complex spec files to work out like RPM.  If you can't find it, or want my version with some improvements, I can send it to you--it's one script (a thousand line script more or less, but still one easy to handle script).

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