Problem with compiling Binutils (pass 1).

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at
Tue Jun 5 16:27:15 PDT 2007

Frank Alcantara wrote:
> The first two run ok without errors. The last step: cp -v ld/ld-new
> /tools/bin does not do anything.

It should at least output an error message...

> ld/ld-new does not exist at this
> point because it was aparently deleted by the first step: make -C ld
> clean

But it should have been recreated by the second make.

> Should I do  cp -v ld/ld-new /tools/bin  before I do the make clean
> command? Is make clean not supposed to rm that directory? Can I ignore
> that error?

You shouldn't change the order of the commands and you shouldn't 
ignore the error. Could you post the exact error you're getting and 
verify you're issuing the two make commands?

Miguel Bazdresch

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