Problem with compiling Binutils (pass 1).

Frank Alcantara 2007.frank at
Tue Jun 5 15:45:29 PDT 2007

I am following the instruction from the LFS Version 6.2. I am on
section 5.3.1  here:

I did the following:

$ cd ../binutils-build
$ ../binutils-2.16.1/./configure --prefix=/tools --disable-nls

Configure went fine. then I did make and make install and all went ok.
the next part is where I'm stuck:

make -C ld clean
make -C ld LIB_PATH=/tools/lib
cp -v ld/ld-new /tools/bin

The first two run ok without errors. The last step: cp -v ld/ld-new
/tools/bin does not do anything. ld/ld-new does not exist at this
point because it was aparently deleted by the first step: make -C ld

Should I do  cp -v ld/ld-new /tools/bin  before I do the make clean
command? Is make clean not supposed to rm that directory? Can I ignore
that error?


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