need help with first boot no Dell Optiplex G110

Wit WitlessIdiot at
Tue Jun 5 14:29:13 PDT 2007

Alan Womack wrote:
>> Hmm... I wonder if the old <CTL>-<Q> still works? Or maybe the
>> <SCROLL-LOCK> to stop it (as it does at BIOS time) and <SysRq> to start
>> it again? Anybody know?
> <SCROLL -LOCK> did not work.

If your keyboard is typical, you'd need to hold the shift key?
>   But I don't think I tried the old
> control-S, wasn't control Q to start it up again?

Yes, indeedy! ... However, that's a "terminal protocol" defined 
(usually) in a termcap or terminfo file. I don't know if the virtual 
terminal driver(s) have that implemented or not at the time of your 
problem. Was just hoping to find some way for you to progress.


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