Error compiling binutils (chapter 6.11) with -O3 optimization flag

Chris Staub chris at
Mon Jul 30 10:23:15 PDT 2007

Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote:
> Hope this can be of some help. Maybe a note in the book ? Or maybe this
> is up to the user of the book to be aware of this ? I remember there were
> a few pages a while ago, in gcc, or glibc... to signal that optimization
> was know to break some packages...
> \bye

I don't use optimizations myself so I don't really know about the issue 
you're having with them.

As for a note in the book - it already says on page 6.1 that compiling 
with optimizations can have unexpected results, and that the "solution" 
when you have problems with them is simply to compile without them.

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