LFS LiveCD x86_64-6.3-min-pre1

Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 26 02:08:59 PDT 2007

The email account I'm signed up with for the livecd
list is refusing to send messages, the service
provider is working on it. This is just so the problem
I found is reported.

I'll see if I can remaster r1950 to a 64 bit only
version on Monday, my next day off, on my AM2 system
and make the iso available online when it's done.
The current livecd does function in 64 bit mode
perfectly fine for me, so a pure 64bit version may not
be a needed project.

on a reboot:
/ect/rc.d/rc6.d/K30dbus Error, return code 1
pid: so such file or directory
pid: system_bus_socket : no such file or directory

these messages occurred on both reboot commands.
the final message, and a stop of all activity, manual
reset required:
Shutdown Helper line 89 /usr/bin/chroot no such file
or directory.

The tools that I tested in a quick 10 minute check all
worked perfectly.


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