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I finally got my lfs system up and running. There still are
some minor problems but this is a quite big one:

time tar -xf linux-

real    10m50.946s
user    0m29.242s
sys     0m3.536s

When I compiled my kernel the first time (before reboot)
I did not recognized such problems..

My Sys:
Dual Opteron 240, 2 GB RAM (both cpus are up)

I am a FreeBSD user and new to linux.
So I don't have a clue what could cause this unbelievable
10m50 real issue - please help.

How big is the file? I know it's usually ~40MB, but perhaps there's a GB
of extra junk or something...

Do you have any compilations going on in the background? What processes
are running? Is X running?

What filesystem are you using? What user are you running as?

Hope some of this helps....
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