kernel package building

Craig Jackson craigmjackson at
Tue Jul 10 09:39:37 PDT 2007

>  If your use of 'raw' is the same as mine ("the kernel's own
> headers, not sanitised for userspace"), this is definitely a very
> bad idea for 2.6.  Fortunately, the kernel can now sanitise its own
> headers, which is what we do when we build LFS (fedora uses this,
> distros will undoubtedly move to this, at least for the main
> architectures).  But only the other day somebody had problems caused
> by repeating the book's instructions on a running system.

I am a bit confused by "sanitise its own headers".  I have heard rumor
that the raw kernel headers are recently "behaving" thereby rendering
the linux-headers package/project irrellavent/obsolete.  Is this true,
or do I just not understand the meaning of something?


Craig Jackson

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