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On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 04:32:16PM +0200, Ross Cameron wrote:

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> I've tried this approach (and several variants of it) to attempt this
> with the vanilla kernel sources from and its not
> co-operating with me.
> The guys at redhat/fedora use a whole lot of "cp" commands in their
> kernel spec file to accomplish this but isn't there a simple way of
> re-directing the kernel's Makefile's logic that says everything must
> be installed under / ??????????
> Any and all thoughts appreciated....
 Using cp *is* simple.  For the kernel itself, all you have to do is
identify the kernel (so, arch/i386/boot/bzImage for x86) and what you
want to call the installed kernel.  One cp if you always build for
the same ARCH.  Fedora supports quite a lot - sometimes
arch/$ARCH/bzImage, possibly arch/$ARCH/zImage, vmlinux (e.g. for
powerpc), possibly others.  They also use an initrd, which means more
to do.

 For LFS builds, the only thing to install is the kernel.  I think
the book mentions (haven't bothered for years) and the
config (I build my kernels to keep a config in /proc/config.gz, but a
backup copy is useful).

 Modules are more interesting - a quick look at chapter 7 of clfs
trunk shows that you need to pass INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/somewhere (this
may vary across kernel versions - try 'make -n modules_install'

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