LiveCD and amd64

Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at
Mon Jul 9 00:26:20 PDT 2007

--- Bayrouni <bayrouni at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I plan to install LFS on an amd64 x2 laptop
> .
> But I have 2 questions:
> 1/  I found only versions for x86, I am using an
> amd64 laptop.
and if you type linux64 at the boot prompt you get a
64 bit kernel. fwiw, I have used the livecd on an AMD
AM2 3800+ based system with no issues.

> 2/  After booting from a live cd, can i run an sshd
> in order to install 
> it remotely?
You want to work on the laptop from a different system
to build linux on it?
if you install openssh and get it running then you
should be able to do this.

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