no /dev/audio or /dev/dsp

Roland Puntaier Roland.Puntaier at
Mon Jul 2 10:32:00 PDT 2007

Hi everybody,

  installing  alsa-utils-1.0.13.tar.bz2 
  calling alsamixer and 'm' on Master and PCM 
  /usr/sbin/alsactl restore -f /etc/asound.state
sound works. 

I tested this by watching a youtube video on firefox.

But there is still no /dev/audio or /dev/dsp, i.e. the 'cat > 
/dev/audio' will not work.
Shouldn't that work, too?
  Links I followed:

Other Problem:
When starting krec, it says Synth_STEREO_COMPRESSOR aRts module 
( is missing.

Basically I can live with these little inconveniences, but just in case 
someone has an answer ready...

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