binutils pass1 ld-new not there?

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Feb 26 13:50:05 PST 2007

On 2/26/07, Karen Karenslfs <karenslfs at> wrote:
> Oops silly me:-) Then it seems thanks to you, I'm getting through gcc.
>  Hopefully if I can get through chpt 5 I'll be substantially free of
> the host fc6 (save the kernel) & it's "endless stuff" won't trip me.
> Can't wait.

I believe that once you get binutils-pass1 and gcc-pass1 built, the
rest should be robust enough to work fine. Of course, since it's your
first time, you might hit another speed bump or two, but you're past
the difficult part.

> I guess your problem with including workarounds is that you would need
> so many host specific & given that so far even I seem to be OK with
> the book it might just confuse us novices more. I'm sick of fc not
> doing what I want & it seems having no fix available.

Actually, this is an old issue, and I think the problem was just that
no one had a really good solution. Basically, every time Fedora
releases a new version, they build and enable the most bleeding edge
toolchain possible. Only a few daring people here can keep up with
that kind of pace. And the stable LFS build is almost certainly behind
the times.

Greg at DIY came up with this workaround (AFAIK). It seems to work be
correct, if making the commands a little uglier. One other possible
solution is to build the old *-compat-* toolchain packages for Fedora,
but that would probably be even uglier in the end to explain how to
enable it.

> All very much appreciated.

You're welcome. I envy you heading out on your first build.


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