first pass GCC bootstrap problem

John Rodenbiker jrodenbiker at
Fri Feb 23 07:48:21 PST 2007

rm -rvf ./gcc-build
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On Feb 23, 2007, at 7:52 AM, Nick Bowes wrote:

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>> On 2/22/07, Nick Bowes <nic_bowes at> wrote:
>>> Thanks Dan, I'll give this a shot tonight when I have the chance. I
>>> was
>>> wondering
>>> if I'd got a little confused with the whole directory structure
>>> part!?
>> If it's your first time following the book, chances are that you did
>> get confused (a lot of people do, including me). The idea is that you
>> have the /sources directory with all the tarballs and patches. When
>> you start a section, the commands on the page expect that you've
>> unpacked the associated tarball and entered the source tree. The
>> commands shouldn't need to be adjusted if you're in the right
>> location.
>> I should also mention that using /sources isn't strictly necessary.
>> But, if it's your first time, I would suggest just following the book
>> since it is known to work. You can always tweak things to your liking
>> the next time around.
> Excellent! did exactly as you said and it's solved the problem. I am
> however having a hard time deleting the source and build directories.
> If  I do "rmdir -v --ignore-fail-on-non-empty gcc-build/", it prints
> "rmdir: removing directory, gcc-build/" but does nothing and returns to
> the promt immediatly. Same for the binutils-build. Is there something
> i'm missing or should this work?
> Thanks for your help Dan
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