6.12 Readjusting the toolchain

Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Feb 16 03:55:12 PST 2007

> Hi Al,
> I'm a complete novice so any help is useful.I didn't know I could run more than one tty useing ALT + F. I ve got the book open on the 2nd tty. How do I cut & paste. I've tried starting GPM by typing 'GPM' and got the message "08o.oops(): [gpm.c(933)]: Please use -m /dev/mouse -t protocol" What do I hgave to do to cut & paste?
> Alternatively, how do I set my keyboard up correctly? My top left key gives me ' instead of ` and shifts to ~, and ALT GR doesn't give me anything?
> Thanks
> Richard

No problem.

on the more recent live CDs GPM runs automatically. You select the text 
you want as usual (holding down the right mouse button or shifting and 
use the arrow keys). To paste into your other tty you normally click the 
middle button in linux (If you don't have a middle button then click 
both at once!)

If you just move the mouse about - do you have a white block cursor that 
moves around too?

When you booted into the live CD didn't it ask you for your keyboard 
layout? The newer ones do...

Are you using a UK keyboard (I guess by the time you must be in europe 
somewhere, or perhaps Australasia?)

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