GCC Optimization

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>(iii) Impact on your processor's caches - a bigger binary increases
>the pressure on your caches, and may mean more pages have to be read
>when a program or library is loaded.  For a desktop, it is sometimes
>asserted that smaller binaries (smaller code, not removing the
>symbols to give shorter files) will provide a more responsive system.

Sorry to revisit this post... I just have one more question!

In a reply to my original post Ken Moffat made the above comment. I have
also read about this elsewhere. However, does anybody know at what point
the binary size becomes a problem for my system caches? In particular
what caches are most affected? 

Is it 10% to 15% above the normal un-optimized size? Or is it much more
or even less?

Once again, many thanks! But I suspect this is a "how long is a piece of
string" type question ;--)



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