Athena P lists at
Thu Feb 15 12:30:33 PST 2007


I come from the BSD world, particular FreeBSD and haven't played with
Linux for quite some time so please excuse me if this is a really stupid

I seem to remember ages and ages ago when I was upgrading an old
slackware box from libc5 to glibc2. I had to tar in
linuxthreads-{glibc-version} and libcrypt-{glibc-version} I also recall
doing something similar when building a LFS system, also some years ago.

I now notice from the LFS books that there is no mention of linuxthreads
or libcrypt. I looked into the glibc directory on the gnu ftp server and
noticed that there was a linuxthreads version for glibc-2.5.

I was just wondering why this has not been included in LFS. Is a better
threading system employed somewhere else? I suspect that libcrypt is now
depreciated as this is built directly into the 2.6 tree, is this

Many Thanks

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