gcc second pass errors

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Feb 14 15:35:53 PST 2007

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 04:21:03PM -0600, Carl Schmitt wrote:
> This is my first time building lfs and I can't seem to get past the 
> second pass of GCC-4.0.3.  I'm using a livecd-6.2-5 as the base system.
> On every attempt I seem to get similar errors, first pair of errors in 
> dejagnu using make check and a number of when I run make -k check on 
> gcc.  Once I tried simply ignoring these errors since they were 
> temporary tools, but glibc in chapter 6 failed completely.

 Hi Carl,

this isn't a very useful post, you haven't told us what errors you
got from glibc!  If I understand you correctly, you've started
over, and are now worrying that pass-2 gcc reports errors ?

 Errors in gcc are *expected*, that's why we pass '-k' to 'make
check'.  If you get a *lot* of errors in pass2 gcc, you might have
a problem.  A *handful* of errors is probably no big deal.

 FWIW, running tests on non-toolchain packages such as dejagnu in
chapter 5 might be worth doing for people testing changes to the book
itself (that's debateable), but it's probably not useful to you - we
throw away the things in /tools as you noted.

 Since you seem to be worried by test errors in gcc where we use
'make -k check', I wonder if "failed completely" is true ?  If you
are getting problems building glibc in chapter 6, recent problems
seem to have been caused by (in no particular order):

· people not deleting -build directories from the toolchain (the need
to delete the source directories before extracting for a subsequent
build should go without saying)

· missing symlinks (section 6.6 of the 6.2 book)

· mistakes when installing perl in chapter 5.

· forgetting to patch bash in chapter 5.

· and the perennial favourite, managing to link some of the programs
 in /tools agaisnt the host's libraries: if you have to stop the
 build and log out, please make sure that everything (e.g. $PATH) is
 set correctly when you resume.

 So, unless you have a lot of errors from pass2 gcc, please
continue.  If you again get problems with glibc, post the error
message on the list.  Sometimes it takes a day or two to get to the
bottom of a problem, but hopefully we will be able to point you to
its cause.

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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