LFS-20070209 shadow not playing nice with more_control_pkg_man

Arden yardcat at comcast.net
Wed Feb 14 10:01:35 PST 2007

After installing shadow-4.0.17, with the more_control_and_pkg_man 
scripts,  and creating a pkgusr for the following packages I see this;
useradd:unknown GID 1000
mail group doesn't exist
creating file 0600 mail
--or something very close to that. It creates a mail file in 
/var/mail/<pkgusr> and looking at /etc/shadow the new pkgusr has an ! 
where there should be an x, indicating something isn't right.

Changing /etc/default/useradd
GROUP=1000  to 100
CREATE_MAIL_SPOOL=yes  to no, if I run useradd -D the first line is
useradd: unknown GID 100
then dispalys the file. I'm not sure if this is going to cause me 
problems or not. Any suggestions?

also glibc-2.5 wants to replace the linux-header file 
/usr/include/scsi/sg.h with it's own.

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