GCC 3 or 4?

Peter B. Steiger wyo_wl002 at bresnan.net
Tue Feb 13 20:19:41 PST 2007

Over the past several years through my various upgrades and complete
reinstalls of lfs, I have steadfastly avoided gcc 4 because I'm lazy.
Several packages, particularly as I got into blfs, had additional
instructions to follow for gcc 4 - apply some patch to fix a compliation
error, whatever.  Why mess with patches when gcc 3 lets me just config
&& make && make install?

Well, gcc 4 has been out for quite some time, and I'm sure all the
source packages have been updated so those patches are no longer needed.
But do I really need to change my preferred compiler?  Are there any
benefits such as speed, reliability, stability, etc. with gcc 4 that are
lacking in gcc 3?

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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