Init stops working after kernel upgrade from 2.6.19 to 2.6.20

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Mon Feb 12 07:56:37 PST 2007

Peter B. Steiger wrote:
> Wasn't sure if this is an LFS or BLFS question since it deals with an
> upgrade of an established system rather than a question from the book...
> but anyhow, here's the deal:
> I have been running LFS for about 4 years now with a fresh rebuild
> whenever I get new hardware - the last full install was 20060619.  I
> upgrade the kernel whenever I think of it, usually every 4-6 months, and
> today I went from 2.6.19-1 to 2.6.20.
> For whatever reason, /sbin/init locks up after finishing rc.sysinit and
> before starting rc level-specific scripts.  Reboot into 2.6.19-1, and
> all is well.  Nothing else changed except the kernel, and the kernel
> config did not change - I copied .config straight over from the 2.6.19
> source tree into 2.6.20.

You did run 'make oldconfig' to update the .config file, didn't you?
There are a few new things in 20.  It's got to be a kernel problem if
you can regress to 19 OK.  I've had things like this before and it
always been a broken kernel.

Other idea:  You patched 19 to get 20 and the patches failed.


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