Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Feb 10 17:12:20 PST 2007

Galaxy Travel wrote:
> Im using jhalfs-2.1, I use make menuconfig and then exit, Now what do I do? 
> I tried ./jhalfs run but I get a error of line 39: conditional binary 
> operator expected.

here's some words:

1. try mailing the automated lfs list. That is where the jhalfs project 
is discussed and you might find more assistance.

2. jhalfs is, basically, a bash script which generates a makefile to 
then handle the build. As a tool, it is for those who are familiar with 
building LFS (and other stuff) themselves and are reasonably comfortable 
with the whole process. It is not really recommended for noobies or 
those unfamiliar with the manual build process.

jhalfs does work very well, but you have to understand how to configure 
it properly through menuconfig, then it will/can download the book, copy 
the source files to your host and build the system (all while you are 
sleeping!). But you do need to make sure you understand what you are 
configuring and how/where you want certain things to reside... If you 
have built LFS/BLFS manually a few times over this will be obvious, but 
I should not think of jhalfs as a short cut to building LFS - it is a 
tool for automating the process.


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