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Sat Feb 10 16:33:52 PST 2007

On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 06:33:39PM -0500, Galaxy Travel wrote:
> Im using jhalfs-2.1, I use make menuconfig and then exit, Now what do I do? 
> I tried ./jhalfs run but I get a error of line 39: conditional binary 
> operator expected.
> So how do I use this to install LFS? im confused.
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 I haven't run jhalfs for a few weeks, and that was only on a clfs
first-stage cross-build for a different architecture, but it seemed
to be reasonably well documented.  One or two things needed a little
experimentation (e.g. setting up the user in menuconfig, and in
sudo), but I eventually got it to complete the cross-compile, which
was all I wanted.  Using it on LFS should be simpler - get the svn
source, make sure the user (lfs) can write and execute on the
filesystem you are building on, make menuconfig, change to the jhalfs
directory, and then run the command.

 Your error message isn't meaningful to me - you need to look at
line 39 of the jhalfs script which was created by menuconfig, maybe
one of your choices in menuconfig was wrong.  All tools have a
tendency to do the wrong thing when they get unexpected input.  If
you've snipped contextual information from the error message, it
might be line 39 in a different file.

 If you can't work it out, I guess alfs-discuss is the appropriate
place to ask.  If you aren't comfortable with reading Makefiles and
shell scripts (and that's what your question suggests, because you
seem not to have looked at what was on the line in question), jhalfs
might not be the right tool for you at the moment.  If that is the
case, perhaps 'info make', 'man bash', and trying to write some
simple shell scripts and Makefiles will further your education.

 As with all tools, you need to learn how to use them.  Good luck!

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