GCC Optimization

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Sat Feb 10 11:18:04 PST 2007

Hi Randy

Thanks for your reply.

Surely specifying the CPU architecture is still worth while. For example
using this string must give speed improvements.

 "-O3 -march=prescott -march=prescott -mtune=prescott -mmmx -msse -
msse2 -msse3 -m3dnow -pipe -mfpmath=sse" -fomit-fram-pointer"

Or am I missing something?

Many Thanks

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Athena P wrote these words on 02/10/07 13:04 CST:

> And, finally, in terms of pure performance (speed) is all this
> optimization really worth the effort?

IMHO, a definite no. Not only will you not see the performance
gain in day-to-day use of the system, you'll end up having issues
that you will have trouble diagnosing.


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