rc.local doesn't get run?

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 00:18:30 PST 2007

Bauke Jan Douma wrote:
> TheOldFellow wrote on 06-02-07 09:41:
>> LFS is whatever YOU make it.  The Linux Kernel is just part of LFS.
>> Don't get mad at me, I wan't trying to get at you :-)  You just seemed
>> to be saying that these things happened "'cos they did" - when actually,
>> when you understand them, they happen because they have been programmed
>> (by you) that way.  There is no magick, just programming.
> 'OldFellow', I wasn't getting mad -- I am sorry I created that impression,
> and I never thought /you/ were! ;-)

> Kind regards,

As I said somewhere else: I got out of bed the wrong side yesterday.
Thanks for being understanding.  I'm glad we agree.


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