rc.local doesn't get run?

Bauke Jan Douma bjdouma at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 6 13:42:17 PST 2007

TheOldFellow wrote on 06-02-07 09:41:
> LFS is whatever YOU make it.  The Linux Kernel is just part of LFS.
> Don't get mad at me, I wan't trying to get at you :-)  You just seemed
> to be saying that these things happened "'cos they did" - when actually,
> when you understand them, they happen because they have been programmed
> (by you) that way.  There is no magick, just programming.

'OldFellow', I wasn't getting mad -- I am sorry I created that impression,
and I never thought /you/ were! ;-)

> 'If and when present' only means something when there is some program,
> that you are running, that has been programmed to find said file and do
> something with it.

Can't argue with that.

> BTW, I'm not reading your references, so you can save your time by not
> searching them out.  I understand the LFS bootscripts because I took the
> time to read them, run them, and understand them, not because someone
> told me how they worked.  Red Hat's documents are not relevant to LFS
> bootscripts.

My references were not to imply authority in them, just to show
rc.local is used as a last-run script also.
FYI, I have never easily accepted any autohority, in real life, nor in
the virtual life of my Linux system. Both are totally customized, and
--to confine myself to just the latter now-- might be characterized by
the less-than-neutral variant of the term 'unique'... ;-)

> And like you, I've been doing this stuff for years, since the late
> 1960's in my case.  I think of UNIX System III as modern, and BSD as
> some cranky American spin off for University geeks.  I'm not called Old
> for nothing ;-)

The late 60-ies -- that sure commands respect.  I honestly wish I
could say that.  I'd say relative age is unimportant, it's more the
age at which you start something new that might be a factor.
I may be younger, but I started with *Nix at a relatively late age,
and I've always felt that as a setback.

In any event, I don't see many differences of opinion or stance towards
boot variants, distro's, LFS, etc. between myself on the one hand and
you yourself and the other posters on the other.
I guess I made the impression that some documents or standards or even
habits are authoritative -- well, that's the last anyone knowing me
(there's the real life again..) would expect from me, in general.

> R.

Kind regards,


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