rc.local doesn't get run?

Eric Stout stout at lost-soul.net
Tue Feb 6 12:48:21 PST 2007

You can do whatever you want with boot scripts.

Personally, I delete all that muckery that makes an aesthetically pleasing
boot system, because I find that kind of scripting ot have more garbage
than necessary for a headless system.  But then, I'm running headless

About the only thing you are required to have for boot scripts is an
inittab.  As long as the appropriate scripts are called by the appropriate
runlevel, all is well.

You can have a very simple script that reads like a flat file, or you can
have some complex monstrosity that greps 30 different files in 20
different directories on the disc and assembles runable commands on the
fly while printing pretty and jazzy colors on the screen.

OR, you can install initng and tell it what needs to be run in various
runlevels, and it'll execute things in parallel instead of in order.

With Sysinit, the only requirement you have is the inittab file and the
files you reference in that one.  Everything else is just eye candy.

In fact, I'm not so sure the files you reference in the inittab are even
required.  Highly recommended, for sure.

As far as standards..  Depends on who you ask.  My only suggestion there
is to choose the one you like the best and run with it.  If it's remotely
possible that someone else will have to admin the box in the future tho,
it's very very helpful if you choose an existing standard instead of
creating your own solution.


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