make - no such file or directory

Aleksandar Adam zoffmann at
Fri Feb 2 11:56:31 PST 2007

>   If the "interrupted build" explanation doesn't ring true t you, is
> there something unusual about your host, e.g. it runs selinux, or you
> used sudo to become the lfs user and are restricted in what you can
> do as 'lfs', or anything else weird ?

I have sent a message but it was some error, I will repeat it:

I use lfs cd and I have a script which mounts /mnt/lfs and creates lfs user, I run that script
every time after reboot. Maybe the script doesn't do a good job.
(If you are interesting I can send the script tomorrow)

I will try your and Dan's suggestions and send the result.

Best regards

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