Grep options

Luca liliana.perossa at
Mon Oct 30 08:16:22 PST 2006

Hi all!

I have two questions about grep (tried various times looking at the docs

I have unpacked glibc and in the source dir under the localedata there
is the SUPPORTED file and under the timezone dir there is the file.

Taken these two files which options should I pass to grep for
1) in the SUPPORTED file lists all the locales until the '/' delimiter
example, I use the it_IT.utf8 locale,
the relative SUPPORTED line is it_IT.UTF-8/UTF-8 \ and the locale -a
output is it_IT.utf8, how do I manage to have grep to output the exact
form in which the locale is used in the $LANG variable (that's the
output given by locale -a) not using the 'locale -a' command?
I intend how do I transform the it_IT.UTF-8/UTF-8 \ to the form
it_IT.utf8 and for example the it_IT at euro/ISO-8859-15 \ in it_IT at euro
and it_IT.iso885915 at euro?
2) How do I list in the only the third column (the timezone one)?

Thanks in advance,

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