Grub settings for sda, hda (VMWare)

lanas lanas at
Sat Oct 28 13:43:02 PDT 2006


  Using VMware, I've installed LFS from the Live CD 6.1.1 (nalfs).  The
VM already has SuSE 10.0 32 bits on the main VMWare drive sda and LFS
was installed on the next drive, hda.  Would hda then be the second
drive in grub and if so, would it follow the same naming convention
eg. sda = hd0, hda = hd1 ?  

  Here are the two grub menu.lst entries:

title SUSE LINUX 10.0
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 vga=0x336 selinux=0 
    initrd /boot/initrd

title LFS 6.1.1
    root (hd1,0)
    kernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/hda1

  This yields the following error when the LFS entry is chosen at boot

  kernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/hda1
  Error 15: file not found

  I've also tried 'root (hd0,0)' for the LFS entry, but still the same

  Any ideas ?


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