Better optimization between fast and small

Vince Greg projet.m2tnsid at
Wed Oct 18 23:20:04 PDT 2006

In order to make an lfs live cd for old and new computer I would optimize
the compilation someone sais me using CFLAGS: 
 -Os -s -fno-strict-aliasing; I used it and I see a big difference for the
size. I would know if it's possible to add -O3 for a fadtin g optimization,
I tried it to a package only and not to my lfs version but I see the result
Without compilation my package 80mo
With  -Os -s -fno-strict-aliasing my package 14mo
With  -O3 -Os -s -fno-strict-aliasing my package 15,2mo
I search to have fast programms and small programms


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