Sections 7.6 and 6.42 contradict eachother

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Sun Oct 15 12:05:27 PDT 2006

On 10/15/06, Norman Urs Baier <spiessli at> wrote:
> The meaning of the configure options:
> --datadir=/lib/kbd
>  This option puts keyboard layout data in a directory that will always be on
> the root partition instead of the default /usr/share/kbd.
> And in 7.2 you are advised to set up the console:
> If still in doubt, look in the /usr/share/kbd directory for valid keymaps and
> screen fonts. Read loadkeys(1) and setfont(8) manual pages to determine the
> correct arguments for these programs.
> Probably when introducing the change in 6.42, the reference in 7.6 was
> forgotten...

Good catch. I have a slightly older system with the data in
/usr/share/kbd. Fixing it now. Thanks.


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