Bash-3.0 symlink

Barius Drubeck barius.drubeck at
Sun Oct 15 09:41:27 PDT 2006

On Sunday 15 October 2006 17:32, Richard Caldwell wrote:
> Hi,
>     book version 6.0 chapter 5.29. After installing bash3.0 the
> following command is issued: ln -s bash /tools/bin/sh
> but immediately after this the bash-3.0 directory is removed! What's
> the point in this symlink.? As I understand, it creates a link called
> '/tools/bin/sh' that points to bash in the current directory which is
> subsequently removed. After the bash directory is removed, what does
> the link point to?

You've got it almost correct ;-).  It's not the current directory of the 
process, but a path relative to the symlink itself.  So in this 
case, /tools/bin/sh is a symlink to /tools/bin/bash, except it does not 
contain the absolute path, so if you move the bin directory somewhere 
else or access it via a different mount, then the link is not broken.  
E.g. /mnt/lfs/tools/bin/sh refers to /mnt/lfs/tools/bin/bash and not 
to /tools/bin/bash, if you get what I mean.


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