Omnibook XE3 combo net device

Scott harview at
Thu Oct 12 06:23:33 PDT 2006

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 01:13:50PM +0200, Brandon Peirce wrote:
> lauri.kasanen wrote:
> For the modem, you will at least have to configure which phone number to 
> dial
> and what kind of connection (PPP, SLIP, or simply a terminal access).  
> There are
> too many possibilities to describe here without knowing exactly what you 
> want
> to do with the modem (besides, I haven't used a modem in 8 years so I don't
> remember that well!).  I suggest a good starting point for you would be to 
> visit
> The Linux Documentation Project ( and grab yourself a copy of the
> Serial HOWTO document.

Your best friend in getting the modem to work will be wvdial. Seems to
me a lot of the newer distros don't include a lot of support for
modems, and presume there are no poor schmucks out here in the sticks
stuck with dialup..... Msg me off-list if you need more help with the

Scott Swanson
Pendroy, Montana.

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