Omnibook XE3 combo net device

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Thu Oct 12 04:13:50 PDT 2006

lauri.kasanen wrote:

>Hi. Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this, nor if this

Nor am I.  It's still not clear to me if you are using LFS or only Knoppix!
No matter...

>My laptop has a 56k modem and a 100mbps lan in a combo device, in one
>mini-pci slot. lspci shows them separately, but there is only one network
>device, eth0.

Yes that's correct, you only have one network interface on the card.
The modem is considered to be a serial device, not a network device,
so it should normally be accessed via /dev/ttyS0 or something like that.

>Can I use the modem and LAN at the same time, or only one at a time, or
>something? Any suggestions please? And instructions too, Im kinda new to
>linux, I've only used Knoppix for a few months.

You should be able to use both devices independently, i.e. the net only, the
modem only, or both together.  Of course they are set up completely 
For the modem, you will at least have to configure which phone number to 
and what kind of connection (PPP, SLIP, or simply a terminal access).  There 
too many possibilities to describe here without knowing exactly what you 
to do with the modem (besides, I haven't used a modem in 8 years so I don't
remember that well!).  I suggest a good starting point for you would be to 
The Linux Documentation Project ( and grab yourself a copy of the
Serial HOWTO document.


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