Omnibook XE3 combo net device

lauri.kasanen at lauri.kasanen at
Thu Oct 12 02:06:38 PDT 2006

Hi. Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this, nor if this
applies to any distro, not LFS only. Im in the network chapter.
My laptop has a 56k modem and a 100mbps lan in a combo device, in one
mini-pci slot. lspci shows them separately, but there is only one network
device, eth0.

Can I use the modem and LAN at the same time, or only one at a time, or
something? Any suggestions please? And instructions too, Im kinda new to
linux, I've only used Knoppix for a few months.

The modem chip is ESS superlink something, and the LAN chip is Intel's.

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