backup lfs 6.2 to dvd?

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Wed Oct 11 00:15:08 PDT 2006

Arden wrote:
> After building and successfully booting LFS 6.2  I would like to backup 
> the system I have made so far. If I burn a copy of the system onto a dvd 
> can it be restored without any special problems? will everything copy 
> successfully? I have never done this before and if anyone has any advice 
> I would really appreciate. thanks Arden


I'll bow to those who are better informed, but from my personal 
experience yes you can do that. Obviously some settings [almost 
exclusively in /etc for example] may well be tied to your particular 
hardware set-up, like fstab, so you can't just drop your tarball onto a 
completely different machine and expect it to work straight away.

The dynamic directories that are built on-top of the tree (/dev, /sys, 
/proc etc) should not be backed up. So you want to tar up the partition 
when running from another host, like the liveCD for example.

I prefer just to keep a log of everything I install and any personal 
configuration changes and just re-build my system when I want to.

*Once you are happy with the build process and know your way round the 
system*, take a look at jhalfs (on the ALFS) page of the web site. This 
is turning into a very useful product indeed. On my old dell dimension 
(256Mb ram, 2 Ghz P-IV) I can build a new LFS in just a few hours 
without manual intervention. They have started to release the automated 
BLFS features too - which I am just starting to play with.

One other thing I would suggest is that you make several partitions and 
separate out the areas where you hold user-specific data such as: /home, 
/srv and possibly /var. That way, you won't toast all your stuff unless 
you really screw-up! And you can build a new system without having to 
re-build all your data.

Hope this helps.


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